Orchards & Vineyards
Tillage Implements
Easy to adjust rear gang, extra heavy frame construction, offset to right or left.
Ideally suited for weed abatement, rental yards, heavy soils or roadside maintenance, the Extra Heavy Duty offset will standup to extremely tough usage.
Split axles allow regulating the depth of cut for left or right side, hitch turnbuckle adjusts depth of cut for front or rear gangs.
Designed for orchard and open field tillage, this wheel-controlled offset has a main frame and gang frames constructed of heavy angle iron, braced and welded for maximum strength and rigidity.
A heavy built wheel-controlled offset disk with tubular steel main frame and gang frames, crank for side leveling, turnbuckle for leveling the disk to the tractor hitch, hitch offset through simple relocation of one pin, dual compression springs for cushioning shock loads.
The Domries “Tri-Till” Soil Conditioner with Its S-Tine shanks and spikes harrow, with mulcher. Leaves soil particles beneath the top for better water infiltration.
Parts Mfg.
All parts are manufactured to equal or exceed original quality in materials, workmanship and fit.