General Tillage
Model ST
Wedge design side frame extensions to prevent crop vines from catching frame, extensions are easy bolt-on mounting.
Model SC
This 3-point field cultivator, the "Shattertill", does exactly that, it shatters compacted soils .
Model SCVO
A Shattertill field cultivator with the same features as Model SC above, but in larger sizes of 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 foot widths.
Model CV
Flat bottom furrowers for wider and more uniform irrigation can be equipped with a rotary spike tooth harrow attachment to cultivate the furrow bottom
Model AFC
Category 0, I or II A-Frame for square toolbars mounted on the diamond.
Model BD
Rigid or fully adjustable border disks with two or three tapered group blades.
Model BC
The ideal berm cultivator for orchards and vineyards.
Model RPL-300
Shatters hard and compacted soils for better water penetration for crop roots to reach down deeper to stored moisture