General Tillage
Model CV: Flat Furrower with Rotary Harrow

Specifications: 1/4" x 4" hi (c) carbon steel blades, roll formed mold board, hi-carbon steel 1" x 8" head bolts, Heavy duty tilt brackets, 20" or 30" flat furrowers.
Options: rotary harrow, on 30" flat furrowers, mounting head for square tool bar with twist plate, post heads 1"x3"x15", 20", 24" or 30 inch height.
Features: flat bottom furrowers for wider and more uniform irrigation can be equipped with a rotary spike tooth harrow attachment to cultivate the furrow bottom, to retard the flow of water for more uniform water penetration. Furrowers can be set straight for equal movement of soil to both sides, or at an angle to move all soil to the outside or to the center of the furrow.