Orchard and Vineyard Tillage Implements
Description and Manual
Model SXLB Berry Special 3-Point Tandem

Specifications: blades 24" notched or smooth edge, 1 1/8" square plow steel gang rods, Cat I hitch, cast trunion mounted triple sealed gang bearings with wear guards, 9" spacing with cast iron spools, center shank, 3" x 3" frame tubing, 12 to 24 degree gang angling.
Options: blade cleaners, dirt shields, toolbar extension, rear utility hitch, Cat I & II hitch and add a blade extensions.
Features: A 4 in 1 implement and conservation tillage machine, this disk is the same as the SXL above, but with the capability of moving soil from the center to the outside with both the front and rear gangs. This feature is in addition to the three separate operations which can be accomplished with the SXL.

The gangs are mounted on an angle to build berms on both sides with a gradual slope to the center forming a "V" between the berms. This slope allows drainage of excess rainfall to the center and away from the plant roots.