Orchard and Vineyard Tillage Implements
Description and Manual
Model SN: 3-Point Tandem

Specifications: blades 22" or 24" notched or smooth, 1 1/2" square gang rods, Cat I & II 3 point hitch, triple sealed ball bearings, center ripper shank, gang angle adjustment from 12 to 24 degrees. Blade spacing of 7 1/4 or 9 inch. Sizes 3'8" to 7'6". Weights range from 1321 to 1618 pounds.
Options: dirt deflectors, rear utility hitch, drag brackets, and add a blade extensions, blade cleaners.
Features: A super narrow tandem disk for narrow row vineyards, cane berries, or nursery stock. All tubular frame construction makes it the strongest and heaviest narrow tandem on the market.
Other: Models SNN & SNN-N with overall width main frame 40" and 45" models are available.