Orchard and Vineyard Tillage Implements
Description and Manual
Model NVT: Napa Valley Tandem

Specifications: Blades 22" notched or smooth on 9" spacing, 1 1/2" square gang rods, triple sealed bearings, hydraulic cylinder for gang angling. Sizes: 5'6" to 8'6". Weights: 1414 to 1804 pounds.
Options: Blade cleaners, center shank, 50 or 100 pound weight blocks and add a blade extensions.
Features: Designed for disking terraces or on hillsides, the NVT features hydraulic gang angle settings from the tractor seat, for non-stop adjustments. It's low profile allows tillage in the lowest hanging vines or limbs without damage to the crop. All gang frames, main frame, weights, cleaners and linkage are lower than the top of the disk blades. Front gang leveling is quick and easy with turn buckles, for leveling in any ground condition. Square tubes that telescope are mounted on the underside of the rear gangs for a level finish job by the rear gangs. All linkage ends are equipped with press in bushings, wear sleeves and side thrust washers, for low cost in the field replacements.