Orchard and Vineyard Tillage Implements
Description and Manual
Model JJ: Wheel Controlled Tandem

Specifications: blades 24" notched or solid on 9" spacing, 1 1/8 inch square gang rods, double wheel seals on Timken bearings with wear guards, center ripper shank, 7.50 x 15-6 ply tires. Sizes: 6'6" to 9'6 inch. Weights: 2760 to 3241 pounds.
Options: blade cleaners, toolbar mounting brackets, front and rear fenders, wheel hub dust protectors, dirt deflectors and hydraulic hoses.
Features: This wheel-controlled tandem disk is ideal for orchard, vineyard or open field disking. It features quick and simple gang angle and depth adjustments with hand cranks. Turnbuckle adjustments provide up or down pressure. Width of cut is e