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Description and Manual
Model DXK: Semi-Finish Wheel-Controlled Offset

Specifications: blades 26" x 1/4" notched, 1 1/2" square hi-carbon steel gang rods, 9" blade spacing, steel fabricated spools, trunion mounted triple sealed bearings with wear guards, 3" x 8" hydraulic cylinder for hitch control, two 3 1/2" x 12" hydraulic cylinders for lift control, 16 to 28 degree gang angling, dual 9.5L x 15 tires, 2" diameter hi-carbon steel slip-in spindles, 5000 lb rated wheel hubs and bearings, transport safety lock pin, safety tow chain, SMV emblem, hydraulic hose guide. Five sizes of 15 to 24 feet. Weight: 6410 to 9030 pounds. Weight per foot of cut: 376 to 427 lbs. Weight per blade: 141 to 160 lbs.
Options: blade scrapers
Features: built-in weight provides greater blade penetration even in hard soils. Narrow blade spacing leaves field in ready to plant condition. For tractors of 100 to 250 drawbar horsepower.