General Tillage
Model DLR-630-1/630-2: (3-Shank/5-Shank) Subsoiler-Ripper

Specifications: 3-shank or 5-shank models, one inch thick hi-carbon steel Cat III hitch for direct mounting or quick coupler hitch, 6" x 12" boxed channel "V" frame construction, 1 1/2" x 10" x 36" steel shanks.
DLR-630-1: shank spacing 20" or 30", up to 80" cut, frame width 96", transport width 8'0", weight 1749 lbs.
DLR-630-2: shank spacing 20", 30" or 40", frame width 138", transport width 13'6", gauge wheels with 7.50 x 20 tires, weight 3034 lbs.
Options: wing extensions to convert 640-1 to a 640-2, and a pair of parking stands.
Features: "V" design with staggered shanks maximizes soil shattering action and minimizes draft load requiring less horsepower, replaceable slip-on points, 36" vertical clearance maximizes ripping depth and minimizes trash buildup.